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Far From His Old Home In The Desert

To the Country that he fled from he never can go back
The poor bloke from the desert of southern Iraq
Long dark hair and a dark beard one of an oppressed race
He's in his early thirties but he has an older face.

He is one of the noble few who spoke against Saddam Hussein
The only reason he can never go back home again
By Saddam's execution squad he has been condemned to death
And he now looks to the future the past he'd rather forget.

A man who knows about oppression and one who has known poverty
In this Land he is an outsider he came here as a refugee
If Saddam was deposed tomorrow and changes for the better occured in Iraq
Then he would go home to his people and to this Land never come back.

A man who looks older than he is in next March he will be thirty three
For speaking out against the oppressors his home Country he had to flee
He cannot return to his Homeland so here he feels obliged to stay
Far from his old home in the desert that he remembers every day.

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