It's amazing how i feel when i am around you
when i think of you my feelings twist inside
i love you with all i am, and all ill every be
you are my moon, my sun and stars
my earth, my sky, my sea

even though we fight alot, i love you
we fight because the stakes are high
i sometimes get so mad i can't stand you
but underneath my anger i could cry
rage is but a mask for my tears

i plead before my only judge and jury
i want to change, but i know change won't come soon
love finds it hard to let the love one be
the person who is loved so passionately

my love for you is bigger than the ocean
more rich in loveliness than the coral seas
you are my heart and soul
you are what makes me whole

you make me feel so beautiful
i shed my cold, cold skin
and opened up my heart to you and only you
and let you in

and now, my dear, i am in love
with all that we been through
i know the worst of all the world
and i believe in you

i will love you forever
i promise everything will be better
nothing can come between us
not man or woman, sickness or death

i will love you no matter what
there are no buts
stay with me and i will make you happy
love me and i will love you like you never been loved before.

by Kayla Fuller

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