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Far From The Fields

Far from the fields of rook, badger and gray crow
Where the evergreen rushes in clusters do grow
And the streams, rills and rivers of the speckled brown trout
I am learning of Nature in this Land of the south
Home to emu, koala and wombat and roo
And many different species of black and of white cockatoo
Echidna, platypus, possum and dingo and bandicoot and currawong
And kookaburra, magpie and pee wee distinctive in their song
Once seen and once heard birds you never again get wrong
To this great Land known as Australia they surely do belong
Home to trees such as eucalyptus, wattles and pittosporums and banksias of varying degrees
And the mighty mountain ashes among the World's tallest trees
Far south of the fields where the Blackwater flow
My wonderment of Nature only does seem to grow.

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