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Far From

Far from the fields that bordered Millstreet Town
I went in search of fortune and renown
From my own Homeland thousands of miles away
Still I'm no richer than I once was today.

Still I'm no wealthier than I used to be
And travel has not done that much for me
And I envy those who chose to stay at home
To live and to grow old amongst their own.

The wise old lady said you waste your time
And energy in penning worthless rhyme
Why bother if your verses you can't sell
If what you write is seen as doggerel? .

You write of trees and birds and beasts and flowers
And of your long gone happy boyhood hours
And of the people you once loved and knew
But all of them now seem so far from you.

Far from the stream where dipper swim for prey
And leafy grove where bluebells bloom in May
I went in search of fortune and renown
Far from the fields by distant Millstreet Town.

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