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Far More Effective
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Far More Effective

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The lies and dirt
And hearing things untrue.
The gossip and innuendos...
Done by those with limited minds too!
There is nothing else I would rather do,
Than to pull these thoughts
Out of my memory...
With the pain I felt!
And the scars that healed with much attitude!
It hurts...
To know others find feelings of mine,
It hurts...
When lies and dirt
And hearing things untrue said
To ruin my happiness...
And to mess up my head!
It hurts!
But not as much as being on the other end
Of retaliation!
Even forgiveness doesn't seem to control it,
When that times comes...
To payback what others have done!
I am not of the 'turn-the-other-cheek' kind!
I pray everyday that God removes the players...
And the bitterness I've been holding for years,
In my mind for some time!
Doesn't make sense repeating the ignorance.
Especially since those deeds done
Have already been repaid with my approval and delight...
By my Father!
And I thank God throughout every hour,
He has allowed me to overcome my taste for retribution!
Knowing that a 'higher power' does that
Much better than I can!
And far more effective.

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