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Far More Good Than Bad People

That in the World far more good than bad people does only seem true for to say
Though we hear of and read of bad crimes in the media and newspapers every day
In general most people are kindhearted and would never do anyone wrong
Though some who were not good living people have been honored in story and song
For every one of the criminal minded there are hundreds who live in the honest way
Who never would harm anybody and always earn an honest pay
Live and let live is the teaching that every good person lives by
You cannot claim to be a good person if others of a fair go you deny
Good people they give for to receive to their higher self they do live
In life you should not expect to receive if you are not willing to give
In the World far more good than bad people happens for to be true
And of how you treat others does become your due
If you are willing to give you can expect to receive
On such a life philosophy i do believe.

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