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Far More To Life

There's more to life than making money or working or sports or football
Though those things are seen as important to most people but not to all
There's joy in the beauty of Nature the beauty we don't pay to see
So much to learn about her at least that's how it does seem to me.

There's more to life than being seen as successful since success is seen as a relative thing
The king he was born as a mortal but the people sing 'God save the king'
But too few sing the praises of Nature the only immortal of which we do know
Less respect than to the monarch or president most people to her tend to show.

More to life than being wealthy and famous life's far bigger than wealth and fame
The billionaire must die like the pauper the Reaper treats them as the same
Into life by the creations of Nature new life forms are born night and day
In the paddock blow fly maggots the dead sheep carcass eating there is life midst the stench of decay.

Far more to life than being a company director though the impressionable you may impress
And though money can buy you many things it cannot buy you eternal life or true happiness
And if not of a terminal illness of old age you surely will die
The facts tell us that we are mortals and facts as we know never lie.

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