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Far South Of The Roadway

Far south of the roadway from Millstreet to Rathmore
In the Autumn of my life five years with three score
To a familiar voice one could never mistake
The flute like song of the magpie i often do wake

In rare flights of fancy i only now hear and see
In April the pink breasted chaffinch on a leafy birch tree
In a voice that was once quite familiar to me
In song in the still of the morning proclaim territory

Where i used to daydream that i might be a poet
One seen to be worthy of literary note
But daydreams are daydreams and seldom come true
And we receive from life what is only our due

From the place of the badger and brown river trout
My life's destiny carried me this far south
To the home of the kangaroo and the pied currawong
And the magpie lark who sings pee wee all day long

Far south of the Millstreet to Rathmore roadway
The years have left their mark on me one might say
And only in rare flights of fancy now i can hear a cow
Lowing in a field on a Spring sunset by the River Finnow.

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