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Far South Of The

Far south of the fields of the silver backed crow
Of Nature's ways so much to learn and to know
Where brown wedge tailed eagle monarch of the southern sky
Eyes on the brown and dry paddocks searching for prey as she fly
Here in the home of echidna, koala, emu and gray kangaroo
And the long billed corella and the yellow tailed black cockatoo
And pee wee and magpie and black pale eyed crow
Where the dark Merri waters towards the Pacific crawls silent and slow
Of Nature the more i do learn the more i realize
That of her i know little this not a surprise
But we never stop learning as the wise one does say
And always something new for to learn every day
Of the fields of the badger and waterways of the brown trout
I am learning of Nature in this Land of the south.

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