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Far Too Many Good People

The home of the brave and the land of the free
At least anyhow this is how it used to be
But in the U S nowadays homicides are rife
And many unarmed people there by foul means are losing their gift of life

Suppose this is what happens in a Country without gun control
Where trigger happy criminals of human life are taking their toll
The gift of life is the greatest gift any human being does possess
Such sad and tragic news of mass shootings of recent years coming out of the U S

Where people live in fear of their lives they are not truly free
And where fear of criminals with high powered guns is widespread there is no liberty
Not alone in the U S terrorism and extreme violence is Worldwide
By the foulest of means far too many good people have died

More shocking and sad news this time out of Orlando in Florida today
That this is what happens in Countries with lax laws on gun control does seem sad to say
Fear of gunmen and bombers means curtailment of freedom for people in Countries Worldwide
Far too many good people in shootings and bombings in the foulest and cruelest way have died.

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