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Far Too Many Ruthless People

Some of us Human Beings are selfish creatures always seeking our own wealth and fame
Though that does not apply to everybody as no two are quite the same
Through the World greed is creeping corruption everywhere is rife
It doesn't say much for our sense of values when deceit is now seen as part of life.

Con men cheating vulnerable old ladies out of their savings with themselves how can they live?
What they do to come by money is a hard thing to forgive
How low can they stoop to these people karma will find them one day
For their deceit and their treachery they will have some price to pay.

We mirror the faces of our leaders to come by power they cheat and lie
You won't find many Politicians who can look you in the eye
And on their behalf that's not shyness when our gaze they try to avoid
Just means they are crooked people and their true selves from us hide.

Far too many selfish people searching for their own renown
In their great desire for money they do trample others down
These are very ruthless people they leave heartbreak in their wake
They don't ever think of giving all they ever do is take.

Far too many ruthless people who seek their fortune by deceit
They don't seem to have a conscience to them it comes natural to cheat
The trusting out of their money karma will find them one day
What goes around always comes around wiser counsel known to say.

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