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Far Too Many Young

Far too many young and brave people for their National flag have died
And far too many have fought in war just because of National pride
But like 'tis said about youth that youth must have it's fling
Though the dead never do hear when the living their praises sing
In modern warfare those who start war from war zones stay well clear
Where the bombs dropp and the bullets fly you will not find them near
Protected from those who wish to harm them in their safe homes they reside
And they remain unaccountable for the lives they have destroyed
Young people sent to fight in old men's wars in places far away
For Patriotism and love of the National flag the price can be huge to pay
Those who start war to themselves should be true and lead their troops to fight
No they stay at home and enjoy the good life which they feel is their right
Far too many good people in war zones have died young
And the dead beyond all feelings cannot feel proud when their praises are sung.

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