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Far Too Much Generalizing

Far too much generalizing in the World of today
For the sins of the father the son should not have to pay
Due to the genes you inherit you can be seen as a lesser light
Those who choose to judge should judge more fairly if they feel they have that right
Due to their circumstance of birth many by others put down
Big Brother's self appointed judges live in every town
Such people in their ways do seem very small
They believe on a fair go for some but not on a fair go for all
Judge not and thou shalt not be judged should apply to everyone
On the crimes of the father do not judge the son
The moral law of the fair go the more judgemental see fit to transgress
They judge you on your race or your creed or on your postal address
People should not be judged on their postal address or their creed or their race
And the fair go for all is something we all should embrace

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