CVR (03-03-1954 / chembra)

Farewel Song

if you meet me by chance
among the caravan of ages
passing through the deserts,
stare at me
as if we had never met.

if you meet me
amidst the passers-by,
see me,
as if we were not at all acquainted.

if you come across me
among the old portraits you fondle
as a memento of voyage
through the ages,
just fall among the novel images
scratched on the walls
of your bowels.

if you see me delirious,
deliver chirping coos
into the ears of your fellow travelers
who you think you love.

if you notice me smiling,
distort my lips
with your gaze of temper.

if you see me lethargic,
pour the elixir of dejection
into my yet throbbing being.

if you see me standing
in the sun blistering,
bid me farewell
to your own shadows.

if you see me standing
in the torrent raining,
wave your hands
with the inducing calmness
pervaded under the umbrella,
and stride away
into the 'wild wind'
of your subtle ways,
as if it were not your concern.

if you hear me singing
my swan song,
applaud in thundering claps,
in great comfort,
that it is my valediction.

if you see me silhoutted,
paint me with
pitch-blend darkness.

if you see me thirsty,
stream away
into the apparition
of vague memories.

and glide and glide
in your own streams
and herald the new ages
with the chirps and shrills.

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