Poem Hunter
(24 May 1899 - 29 August 1976 / Bardhaman / India)


Do not cast that look
Again and again
With those tearful eyes
Oh those eyes with pain!

In that plaintive tone
Do not sing those swan-songs.
If the agonies of your life
You could smile away,
Then smile and do not weep
On this parting day.
Those melancholy eyes,
And a weeping face
I look on
And 'my heart cries.

Oh traveller, do not fill
These fleeting hours
With a melancholy note
And flowing tears.

Oh piqued traveller,
Why do you think
No one shares your anguish?

In your agony
You alone perish.

The forlorn traveller,
Who has lost his way,
No dweller of home
Wants him to stay.
Are you still hurt
By these scars in your heart?

And those plaintive songs
From a Baul afar,
Agonies, in the barren field,
A lonely traveller?

It is meaningless sentiment
And vain bewilderment.

Would you ever hear
That your parting words
Have shattered many hearts?
And many a soul
Has broken into tears?

You have not been loved
So you must part.
Go you must,
But not with agony
In your heart.

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