Poem By Amalei Masigla

Where does the sadness go when we shun it?
When we destroy it
When we concede every heartache and tears
Melancholic smiles we hide and never show
For we all don’t want to live there
We leave every single shadow of hate and anger behind us
And off we go to where we want to head
We cry no more for we really don’t need to
Letting go is never easy
Forgetting is harder
But as we ponder on every breaking things that were said and done
We smile radiantly for it led us here to where we are now
True joy and love
No heartaches
Living life

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Thinking very nice...good haveit..
farewell? no farewell i''s a marveillous poem JFLG

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Funny how all things fell into place
how inspite these trasparent emotions I managed to stay composed and serene
inside somehow there's this little light
when will it shine to blind you

Clouds Cry

Blue clouds waving goodbye
pink clouds saying hi
beautiful those may be but inside them lies the rain waiting to be poured
Clouds don't deceive me

When Voices Speak

eyes closed
trying to be what i am
there they speak


If I could i will take you in these arms of mine
and sing you a sweet lullabye til your soul finds its rest
follow me around til u tire
speak to me til u run out of breath

When It Does Not Feel Right

The years are marked with your beatings
tears still rembered as pain streams down the face
thought it was forgoten but still it was remebered
now it wishes you were gone


The bitter sweet taste of swallowing every inch of this life
Pungent memories seasoned with love haunting every sleep
Dreams glazed with your honey which at times forget to wake up
When it gets too sweet sprinkle with salt