My far away dumb lass
I hear your unsung sad song
from your talking eyes.
Your shattered lips
will not allowed for a kiss.
With my faded dreams
I sat on an isolated bench
in this ruined station.
I am sure that your express train
won't stop here.
I see the parallel railway lines
which stretched over to the promiseland.
My stringless lute cries with me
and I know this is the last goodbye train
to the eternity.

Dedication to the speechless souls who died in warfare.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (3)

Beautifully written by your fine hand, Love duncan X
A touching poem Nimal, sad but thoughtful and enjoyed.Thanks. :)
The sadness of this poem is incomparable. An eloquent cry straight from the soul. I can hear the lonely whistle of the train as it departs never to return again. Farewell is a beautiful word. It has a far more poignant sound than good-bye. This is one of your best, Nimal. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra