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RK (July 03,1970 / Baku, Azerbaijan)


Poem By Ruslan Kerimov

You want to soar away on wing of starlit Night
To blinking lights afar, unknown mystic worlds,
Abandoning the past, the remnants of delight,
And throwing out the ballast of unspoken words

Your cold eyes beam not affliction or distress,
Just playing shadows gloom your pallid beauteous face.
Could I relentless course of Destiny regress
Would I for good prolong this farewell embrace!

His rugged hands the Night from darkness stretches out
The Universe awaits you with her moonlit way.
On everything the parting lays a silent shroud
And on my tired mind eternally ‘twill prey.

And breaking easily the earthly gravitation
And entering the timeless corridor of Space,
You leave me, with no words or soothing consolation,
For nightly diamonds of skies and heaven’s grace.

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Comments (3)

nice to read your poem
It is pleasant to read … interesting images …
I like poems with rhymes. It sounds musical. And your third to the last line is awesome! I give you 10!