Love came, and has gone..
She marked me for life..
Heart with a scar, to remember for the rest of my life.

I haven't put it down..
Even when she lost it,
and I've found..

Time after time,
I've said to let go..
Never really have,
but this time,
I can tell..
by the sounds of it..

She found another that can love her the way she wants..
and spend time with her, like how she wishes..
Be with her night and day.. like she needed..
and a commitment that stays, like she hoped..

I finally put it all away..
hidden and locked.

I've forgotten how much I missed you..
but forgotten should have stayed..
and forgetting is the only way..

So.. I finally bid my farewell..
Good bye..
and good luck on the rest of your life..

by Dislocated Heart

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