A Missive Recalled

Whenever a song is heard loud and clear
Of deep and lusty passionate love,
The mind bound by covert ties is free;
It seeks your come back from afar.
The peal of bells as a welcome bend
Speaks out about our contentedness
And makes the words recover the gist
Of the songs that signal your return.
Hide in the shade of bamboo-trees!
They are tall and green of sturdy kind;
They shape the place to stay concealed,
There one can laze in wait for you.
Where ever you are there lie our roots
The serene state is our desired goal,
Then endless joy spreads true and fair
That lifts us high over worldly cares.
Charmed by a flute's simple strains
I lean against a tree to watch
The people groove and sway as though
You are with me to liven up my life.

by Ravinder Kumar Soni

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(Farewell! - But Whenever You Welcome The Hour - Poem by Thomas Moore.) **Poem with a somber tone. A swansong. Everyone wants to be fondly remembered.