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No Face

No Face

I used to be a beauty loved through out the land
You were my council, lover my friend
Now this is what you have done to me
Made me a monstrosity that no one would wish to see
I could have run hidden from one and all

No my will is stronger than that I will not run! ! ! !
I have the body of a woman
But now the strength of a man
You have driven me to this life
Of one thing I am certain you will pay

Now skilled as a warrior
Trained with a sword
Fighting has become my first and only love
Taking to the battle field
I prove my self over and over again

You hear of my power my strength my goal
You live now in fear of your fate
Men are sent to take me before I come for you
With lance and sword they find me
How did you feel when you heard I had won?

Vanquishing the assassins you had assigned to kill me
Dispatching them with ease
I am sure you were told by the one I left alive
Did your heart race when that one came back?
What is your next move?

You are a coward a trickster a charlatan
Playing with peoples hearts, souls and minds
No one has had the strength to stand against you
Until now! ! ! !
You gave me the strength I have nothing to loose

I fined you hidden away in some small hamlet
Did you think you could hide from me?
Did you think I would forget you? What you have done?
Many men guard you but I have no fear
I know I can take them down with ease

The battle rages my sword is strong
Soon your men flee
They do not have the stomach for this
I make my way up the stairs to your room
Breaking down the door I walk in

You coward I scream as you cower in the corner
Begging you plead for your life telling me how sorry you are
Trying to bring me round trying to persuade me to spare your life
I look at you a small weak thing not even a man not worthy of my sword
Turning to walk away I approach the broken door

You fool I hear every move you make
You make a run for me
My sword is well aimed as I turn
It hits the spot and runs through your beating heart
You fall to the floor sliding off my sword

With your dieing eyes you see me bend down to you
Lifting your head I say you could have had it all
Why did you do this to me?
I lift off my mask to let you see
To late for explanations you are dead! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Haunting title. Beautiful, elegaic mood. A poem of love and remembrance.Reading such words, I am also ready to travel on. Regards, Sandra Fowler