Farewell Forever, Good-Bye

So much time passed and never I knew
That I was uncertain about what I felt about you
I could have never guessed that in a matter of time
I would no longer want you mine
I would have never guessed that I would want you to go away
I would have never thought that I would want to live without you someday
And day by day I ponder this
Is it too much to ask for: a conversation and a kiss
I don't think so but do you
Sometimes I wonder if you love me too
So many question but I can't find the way
To spit it out and say what I want to say
And I don't need heartache or tears
And I don't need you anywhere near
And I don't need the fall
And I don't need anything from you at all
I'm so glad I opened my eyes
And now I realize
That all I get from you is pain
With you, there's nothing to gain
I can't believe that it took a whole year
To realize that you are not worth a single tear
Now I know that it was a mistake
I have to forget you no matter what it takes
Just one more thing before I go
There's just one more thing you ought to know
I more than comprehend the reason
Just like I understand the seasons
And I hope that you, like me, know why
I bid you farewell forever, good-bye

by M.A. Ces

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