Farewell, Goodbye

Been there since I first became knowing,
one of the very few which I remain owing.
As my days of seeing you are limited,
and those without just feel like acid.

But this day was one I never expected,
one that you would leave, tasting so arid.
As your good bye brings me to tears,
and those great memories I had, reappear.

As this is the last time I see you there,
disappearing into traffic without care.
Leaving me here kneeled on the street,
With your photo in my hand, so bittersweet.

This world taking away my precious jewel,
and being left here all alone like a fool.
Losing the caring love I'd like to discover,
feeling this biting cold without a cover.

by Javier Falcon

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aww, so sad. sorry about your loss javi. great job btw. i like the rhymes.