Racism Is Not A Crime, But It Should Be

People from different places come to America
They have different backgrounds and have different skin
But they are in America
They should be accepted, even if their from Berlin

And yet we make fun of how they look
And call them names by their background
Because it’s a little harder for them to read a book
And we look down on them and frown

Racism is a weird thing
Sometimes we don’t even know what it is
Like Mr. King
And that dream of his

We shouldn’t judge people
At any cost
Because their still people
Just a little lost

So the next time you see someone
Being made fun of because of their color or background
Don’t keep walking and look down
Help and try to fix what has just been done

People are people
And they have feelings too
People are people
Just like you

by Keegan Shelton

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very interesting... I read it twice
Meni se to ne svida, nema tu nikakvog sadržaja ni misli iskrene.
How about the idea that a work of art expresses the universal through the concrete and the particular. Aristotle declared that POETRY is more universal than history, which is evidently the point of Straw's argument as I read it. Consider Shakespeare and his ability to bring to life the multitude of characters in his plays. Somehow each character rings true. Of course the poet never killed a king nor betrayed his friends, but the concrete and particular instances express the universals of human existence. Wyatt's sonnet expresses these universals in concrete instances. The disappointed lover in the first quatrain decides to study philosophy instead of wasting his time being tempted by futile endeavors to win his lady. Better be a stoic who endures pain or a Platonist who seeks the ideal. He continues in the next quatrain to repeat that he's learned his lesson. Finally he declares that love's game is for the young and that he will no longer risk falling from great heights. The speaker is Wyatt's persona as a jilted lover who has learned well and truly what he should seek! Ain't that the truth for all of us?
It is a mistake to think poetry is biographical. The poet speaks for humanity in all its thoughts and feelings. He is not tied to his own experience but can imagine a feeling and a situation which he might never have had biographically. He is like an actor who can represent a character with absolute authenticity and yet himself be nothing like. By the means of sympathy and the imagination we can most of us feel and think what others are thinking and feeling - the poet has the power to express that.
It seems experience has taught Thomas Wyatt to shun love which is suitable only for the youngsters! A nice sonnet to read!
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