Farewell Mama

Farewell my Queen to the land of Angels,
Fly with the wings of Cherubim, soar with
The fire of Seraphim,
Fare into light of God, shine with the stars,
In life, you were like our morning rays,
In death, be like the full moon, bright and radiant,
If good people are the stars, sit close to the moon
To smile at my lens always pointing at the sky,
Farewell oh maid of heaven!
Fare into the hand of the Mother Holy,
Fare into eternal peace.

Oh tenderness!
The milk from your breasts will forever quench
Our tastes,
Your words of advice will live in our soul.

Strength of womanhood!
Your words of ‘Ekene Maria' still echo in our ears,
And the constant ruffle of your Rosary bites into our nerves.
Farewell lioness,
You prowled the den of cats to feed your cubs.
Eight years of perseverance, seven days of maximum pain and agony,
And the heart of the lioness failed;
And the Angels of Heaven came with their ultimate pain killers,
And numbed,
You became free like them.
Adieu Akadeluwa,

© October 2014.

by akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks)

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