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Farewell My Friend
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Farewell My Friend

I had been married to her,
for going on five years.
Pearl white in colour,
and the inline six.

I did not have the heart
or what you may consider
the inner moral strength
to say good-bye to you.

You have been, truly,
my very loyal friend,
Onehundredninety horses
and sweet torque aplenty,
you never let me down,
you never even once
considered faltering,
you have been what I'd call
a blatant inspiration.

So, do you mind,
if I just wave at you,
while driving out
into the streets of life,
while you sit there,
a bit forlorn and sad.

I do not know your psyche,
although we did
spend so much time together
and you were there
when things got tough
and rough and tumble,
you had the wherewithall
to shrug your fenders,
and blink those Osram bulbs
as if to say, 'Oh yes we can'.

I hope, with my own, heavy heart
that you will find a home,
a new companion
who treats you well
and does appreciate
the soul that can be found
only in places near
the most elusive Edelweiss.

I will remember you
with fondness,
and I can say
that we were
such a lucky pair.

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Comments (4)

Loved this one Herbert. We do fall in love with non-living things too..LIked the subject a lot.Thank you.
Who ever thought I could be touched by a poem about a car? You did this very well, Herbert. Raynette
There's a lovely sonnet by Samer Madbak, that delightful poet from Lebanon, on this site - 'My Last Nissan' - about seeing his old car with its fragrant memories, being driven aound the town.. watch the tears...
Awwwww.....so sweet saying good-bye to your last one...huh? She'll find a good home I'm sure ;)