Reality Check

Reality check
My heart feels as though it is being pulled from left to right
I know the expectations drawn out for me
I know I must flee far from Satan grasp
I cannot dance about the situation
I am convicted each time I look into your greed filled eyes
Shame on me
Placing you higher than our father
How dare I allow you to delude my mind with your lies
Denouncing the Father who molded me
To spend lust filled afternoons with you
Pulling away from all I know and trusting your words
Compromising my life
In order to gain an hour of pleasure
Followed by toil and strife
False day dreams of becoming a respected wife
Wake up Shannon it is later than you think
God said
Wake up I said
Did I listen?
Not at first
But when God speaks….
Everything else ceases
His voice is mighty
His discipline Is firm
I have heard his voice
My heart is no longer harden
My eyes are no longer blind to what stands before me
You will guide and order me in all that you do
I am grateful
I am blessed
I am covered in your blood
Ready to allow you to use me for your will
And not the will of man
See mans will have you broke down, tired and hungry
Gods well will have you strong, victorious, and content
Shannon Hogan

by Shannon Hogan

Comments (4)

This poem is really GREAT. Thanks for writing this.
Thank you for writing this I going to have to use this with a friend of mine if it's OK thanks Good Write
This is a beautiful, not guilt throwing goodbye to the one you loved so deeply...Excellent write! ~~~~marci. :)
This is really a good poem