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Farewell My Little Christmas Tree (Part Iii)
ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Farewell My Little Christmas Tree (Part Iii)

Christmas has come and gone.
The giant ball fell at Time Square.
2004 is on.
There are new ventures to share.

My little tree still stands in view.
It was moved to a safer place.
Decorative statues are now very few.
Sadly, the holidays are slipping away.

The decors were stored at holidays end.
Open gifts were taken off the ground.
Baked goodies are no longer present.
Family gathers are no longer around.

The warmth of Noel can last year long.
Wearing a coat Mom gave you at Yule time,
or reading a book that your brother found,
And glancing at those photos is always fine.

Christmas may be long gone now,
But my pine remains for all to see.
Time will come soon to take my tree down.
The dirty box lay in the attic awaiting the tree.

The littlest tree had a l story of its own.
My keepsake was redeemed after many years.
It gave a great show.
It is time to say farewell to my tree, but with no tear.

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