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Farewell, My Love...

I'm standing at the window, Yesterday you died.
The late evening sky has weird colors.
Are you out there - somewhere -
close by, or very far?

Deep violet black clouds...Can I reach you?
In me, you are alive:
I named you "sparkling water", a fighter, too.
But now concede, you were tired,
seen by others but last by me.

Ice-blue stripes of empty sky
interrupting the threatening clouds-
I see your eyes, hear your voice.
You loved, shared and cared.
I can be with you in mind,
but never touch again.

Why do we pretend: "You are part of me"
when nothing can keep us together?
...The roof and chimney across-
another house, another life.

The clouds lift, move on,
more night blue, ice-blue sky...
It tightens my throat, tears are unshed.
I whisper your name,
"Thank you, for having been,"
and "good bye".

Why so many good-bye's-
Why closeness ripped apart?
Bye, my love,
friend borrowed for part-time.
"Rest in Peace"!
We say so - human expression.
Questions - No answer, yet!

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