Farewell Note!

The life we shared, memories evergreen
in every word we uttered, moments we lived,
together in every action, we exchanged our souls
you in me and in you i lived

Time rolls, and we had to part
in this life, looks like this is what we deserve,
deep inside i know the truth,
that this farewell is unnecessary

As souls we merged, they dont part
everytime you see the mirror,
you will see me there, waiting for you
let our sins get washed in the tears we shed

pure as snow, light as the cloud,
like a new birth, we will meet,
until then, GoodBye!
i shall live as a mere reflection of yours!

by Srita Sri

Comments (1)

Dear sri.. as you say.. two souls. merged as one.. how can they part? they cannot.. so do not say goodbye.. take care..