Farewell To Cuba

Standing in a fishbowl
Armed forces used control
Rummaged our suitcases – and stole
Religious statue stomped and crushed
Bracelets, watches and rings, too
Cheekbones flushed with red hue
Standing powerless with no clue
Puzzled eyes filled with soreness

Could not keep the tears away
Motherland; we cannot stay
Their hearts are made of clay
Heartless souls without a conscious
Pushed us out to the unknown
With no food and with no throne
Only wretchedness and woe to moan
Sadly humming with discomfort

I left my great-aunts weeping
Soldiers with rifles creeping
Only hope and faith keeping
To follow the unknown
Boarded a Pan Am airplane
My parents could not explain
The heartache, sorrow, misery, and pain
With deep profound dark shadows

We left Cuba to reach freedom
Reaching exile with just wisdom
Bearing in mind palm trees at random
Glared the brightness from the sunshine
As we were led to our new home
There was no place to roam
Through spiny leaves and Sea Holm
Just rest – rest from the daunting journey

Through the melancholy and gloom
Different language from the womb
Six people lived in an abode amid one room
Not knowing what stood ahead
From being rich and now so poor
Only God knew what was ahead for sure
For us to speculate – was premature
Endless days and stormy nights ahead

Nevertheless, we had love, and health
This meant more than any wealth
No longer living amongst minds stricken by filth
Modest was the hummingbird
That sang so sweet each morning
Living in freedom – no more warning
Celebrating life, not in mourning
In a great country that embraced us all

by Ana Monnar

Comments (3)

Thank you for reminding us of the gift of freedom that is so easily taken for granted. Your passage from sorrow to liberation is clearly articulated and heartening to read.
Nothing is heinous than the crime against humanity.Oppression against the voices that scream loud is the greatest sin any government can commit. Your poem explained all that in few compact verses. Each word carries the weight of your burden. You are a strong woman. Good write.
Ana: I give you a big ten. this poem needs answering you say it well, my family fought in the Spanish American War to give Cuba Freedom, and it is sad that they choose another path, I read that Raull. will talk peace with our next President. and perhaps some help to the Cuban people. thank you for bringing into view. Charles Garcia