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Farewell To My Dad.

Farewell to my Dad.

A couple of things that you should know,
if and when, to the next life you must go.
It is because of our selfishness you know,
that we will find it very hard to let you go.

'Oh my papa to me you were so wonderful'
that very old song still sounds so beautiful.
'Oh my papa, to me you were so true'
It does tell my story, from me to you.

It will be good for you to have true peace
and to know that the pain will soon cease.
We will look forward to seeing you again,
in a life of true peace, happiness to no end.

Colleen Wright. T.G. © 3.08.2006.

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“..that we will find it very hard to let you (you, excellent poem) go” Thanks, Colleen, and “we will look forward to seeing you again” with such strong verses. I am extremely moved, since I wrote a similar poem for my mother (not yet posted in Poemhunter) J.Josephides (Member of the Intern.Society of Poets (ISP, ILP awarded)
Such depth of feeling Colleen and beautifully put together
i m actually spellbonud............ utterly speech-less................. awesome........ smiles, krishna
A very sweet dedication and very well written. I hope writing this helps give you some closure.