Farewell To Sachin Tendulkar

Wankede stadium was so broad and so wide
When for the last time he surveyed it teary eyed
Decades ago, as a cricketer he was born here
A teeny weeny kid next door with his bat so dear

It is here he learnt to whack it right, every ball
When to run, when to let go and how not to fall
As the sea breeze gently kissed his brow so sweet
Sachin grew gracefully into a bats man of ease

Now with all the hoary years and tons so behind him
And the stadium in its final applause of noise and din
He stops for a moment to sniff the air and the pitch
For that sweet earthy smell he always found so rich

And then bending slowly he gently kissed the grass
In humility and gratitude for all those things of the past
Tomorrow the stadium will again as usual fill up fast
And the game will go on forever as new stars are cast

But in the firmament of excellence his name is forever
And our nation and world will always fondly remember
The little master of the greens who with his thunder
Walked into the hall of fame of eternal cricketing wonder.........

by krishnakumar chandrasekar nair

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