In Puerto Rico

Soft waters lapping the shores
souls sitting
minds moulded
hearts together

Quietly speaks the one voice
Quietly speaks, as hearts respond.

Birds fly
A swimmer in the distance
Activity everywhere
Yet a still quiet moment is shared.

Little talk
spontaneous little nothing laughs
Arms circle
Comfort, warmth, abundance of care.

Dusk falls
the afternoon now spent
Skies grow grey
the waves edge closer
Less activity everywhere.

Hearts still pound.
Arms still circle.
Comfort, warmth, abundance of care.

Gentle pounding
beats the tempo of love.

Rise, its time to go.
Night now falls
the evening now spent.

Souls move
minds moulded
hearts together
care and love is there.
Arms circle
heads gently touch
hands hold
as feet move.
Love and care is there!

by Elaine Oxamendi Vicet

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Oh, yes, you put a smile on my face! ! ! I read this poem over and over as a child and dearly loved it. I wanted a farm that I never had to say farewell to, however. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote many poems that children promptly fell in love with and wanted parents to read them to them at night- -that man was multi-talented, writing for children is not easy!