Farewell To The Grave

Poem By Brandon Chiles

Passions burn like the raging sun,
desire fading like a string that wasn't strung,
our beliefs being nothing for naught,
these are things why we fought,
bullets tear flesh,
the pieces of the rest,
her tears will go unnoticed tonight,
trying to keep the stars out of sight,
her dress torn from that which is her scorn,
a scar thats always on her mind,
these terrible things that always seem,
to happen in the night like they were only a bad dream,
is what is our reality to those of us left,
this is why he chose this path,
of justice and peace,
with nothing but our final breath.
-Dying Romanitc 11: 42 pm January 8th 2008

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This is Beautifull, I really enjoyed reading it and what beautifull choice or words. BonnieCollins

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