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Farewell To Thee, Captain
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Farewell To Thee, Captain

Poem By Sean Furlong

She told me to be careful with her
She told me not to be so rough
But why did she fail to mention
How without her It'd be so tough?

What’s worse than constant scrutiny?
Knowing that she’s feeling pain too
On my ship is only the stench of mutiny
And I wonder, can I stand against my crew?

Sailing, Sailing, on top of a waterfall
Steering right towards danger
Towards the damn near biggest I ever saw
And right now I feel like a stranger

So I unsheathe my cutlass
Awaiting the pending clangs
My crew may think I’m gutless
But bombs do go out with bangs

Shiver me timbers and batten me hatches
Where did I happen to put me matches?
I can’t make an impact take all of them with me
If I can't rig this ship and explode now quite simply

As they make their charge with a roar
I think of time past and days of yore
What did I do wrong again? It doesn’t matter now
I bid thee goodnight good sea, and leave with a bow


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