Farewell To Those Wishes Kept

I have admitted my wrongs.
To correct mistakes made.
With the hope to recognize them,
Not to again repeat.
Flawless without faults I am not.
Nor am I one to pretend I have none.
Too long I have lived learning to forgive.
Myself and others too.
Quick with druthers,
Pursuing a passing of judgements.

Too much time I have spent,
Self-examining my own activities.
And criticisms heard to me sent,
From some who meant them...
Not to be constructive.

Too much time I have spent,
Relentlessly making efforts to endeavor.
Without approval or consent given.
To keep my motivation and initiative alive.
And alone it is difficult to thrive on that to survive.

Becoming victimized by others who sit,
Picking to choose who they next will abuse...
To select with a doing of it.
All I can say is this...
No more do I permit those mental visits.

Farewell to those wishes kept,
By those leaving nothing at my table...
But negativity to expect I will allow it served.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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