Fishing In Troubled Water

“Fishing in troubled waters” means end of happiness
Infusing hatred and violence where exists oneness
Excuses advanced with malign and hollowness
Waiting for chance to ruin and reduce to nothingness

Human psychology may differ from time to time
Inherent weakness remains through out the same
Either with countries or human beings no difference at all
Need of an hour is to avoid and never give it a call

Human mind and politics are devil’s workshop
Nothing is achieved by pleading from priests or Bishops
No religion, principles or teaching can yield any influence
Inviting only destruction, misery, poverty since

Millions are dying not because of natural curse
No one will lament if that is destiny of course
Who are we to have killings and then no remorse?
No will power but to face helplessly is only force

We talk of peace but work for only pieces
Dividing the spirit to have only fishes
Does this serve the flash only for riches?
No one thinks as it is beyond reaches

Somewhere region imbalance work or fanatics
In reality it is purely human tragedy and politics
Where everybody wants to have sway and power
No concern for plight, misery and deaths of fewer

We may witness upsurge in reckless killings
Nothing will matter except force willing
You may loose your rights and freedom
Nations may buckle under pressure without any wisdom

We have no business to play dirty games
History has witnessed it with only few names
We will still not learn and lessons from the past
Continue to debate and doubts always cast

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (4)

excellent...really a nice poem...
A superb poem
Yep. Great just excellently great
there is only one word that comes to mind when I read this poem - brillient