Heb Schoon Geduld

Ach, toch Kruidjeroermeniet
het is nog vroeg
in oester kan een parel zijn
het truffelzwijn
dat wroet en wroet
het doet hem goed
madame mag zeer parmantig
druilend in haar pralerij
en zeer geduldig wachtend
smartenvrij maar smachtend
en onbewust van schuld
de tijd soms ook verachtend
-heb schoon geduld-
ach, toch Kruidjeroermeniet
het is nog vroeg.....
het is nog vroeg. M

by Madrason writer

Comments (2)

Nobody knows what this stuff means, including Ashbery who won't be pinned down or offer and explanation of any kind. Those who are not fond of it will protest its shortcomings, but the most annoying are Ashbery's ardent fans who claim it is profound. And when you ask them why they think this, they then attack you. They cannot tell you why it is so great or what it means or what he is on about but it is profound.
I can see how this poem might fit into the surreal and Dada categories. It certainly take one to unusual places. Ashbery was also transgressive in his elite world when he wrote, 'Popeye chuckled and scratched his balls.' It is an odd little piece. One wonders what he was like as a youth...a wild rich boy...or an odd academic...or what?