Fashion Focus Artist (With A Sense Of Humor)

I was photographed once
at a coffee shop—
completely unaware;

by s./j. goldner Click to read full poem

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Reminds me of my photo taken at age 8 as I was looking out of the corner of my eyes to my friend in order to escape the painful flash - and how BAD I felt about that awful photo - NOBODY was ever captured like that - and my husband wants to know why I'm not interested in photography - there is something evil in it! Kind regards, Margaret.
Quite a stirring picture of one moment in time... both the photo and the descrption of its capture. Well done.
yawned and he flashed, the line fits, still not your best.........................
An excellent write Sus, I would agree with Anna's comment... you captured the beauty of being captured.......and Im sure the photo was perfect as well.......
Sus, I like the banality of the yawn... it was picture perfect! ! Great write! ! Brian
You have captured the beauty of that moment in the same way the photographer captured the beauty of you - very well done Sus. Hugs Anna xxx
Sus, I love this poem. It certainly captures a moment. I can see the whole scene. It makes me smile...and want a cup of coffee. So, I'm off to the MT Mug. Be good to you... a.m.
poetic talent shining through. catching me like a yawn.
Simple yet it can effectively trigger an image of what you're trying to portray in your words. Good job! :)