SL (july 24,1991 / mom's living room)


I look in your eyes
I see my future inside
I feel your hands creep, closer closer
And now we’re lying in the grass
O everything is happening so fast
My body is telling me go
But my head is saying no! No!
This isn’t the way we are supposed to be
The urge to be close blurs my eyes I can’t see
I can’t think now here u go
Hands sliding low
Baby please I'm telling you,
Your going too slow!
I can feel your heart beat
Faster Faster
This is turning into a disaster
I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins
You’re driving me insane!
‘Maybe just this once and never again…’
Tell me what’s this thing about? baby help me out
My body is telling me go!
But my head is no! No!
Suddenly the voice in our head says the same thing,
'STOP! '
And we do we came so close to forgetting out faith and forgetting God
Thank you lord for saving us once again...

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