Fastforward To When We Will Be Together

Turn back time
When we were as one
Turn back this song
To where we were as one

Let's rewind now
And see what all we were
Rewind now
To see you, my dear


Every night
I hear your voice
Every night
My sadness, you hoist

You apart from me
I can not bear
You apart from me
I know just isn't fair


So let's fastforward
To the future
Fastforward this song
To when we are both here

For i know in my heart
We will be together
In my heart i know
That you will be mine forever

(I wrote this poem in three parts: past, present, and future. Its supposed to show how the two are not together now, but once was, and always will.)

by Rachel Blank

Comments (1)

I like how you wrote it... once was... and always will... hmm.. I dont kno if that could really be true.. but it is a great poem.