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Fat Chance
(6-26-1980 / othello)

Fat Chance

Poem By Jon Edward Walker

I met a girl yesterday
hefty voluptuous with
beautiful eyes,
an engaging personality
and a 32 year old boyfriend.

I’m learning to live without sex
to meet women and be more engaged
with their minds than in their figure,
that so many desire
or sometimes expect

she tells me about her letter to the editor
her lack of a desirable social life
and her French speaking mother
I read her published letter
and talk to her about my semi-fatalistic
view on life
and my newfound hypoglycemia
while trying to hide the fact that
I need a drink
we move outside and smoke 2 of her cigarettes
she helps me study for my French test
which later I miss anyway
she’s sexy
though slightly plump
with beautiful young eyes and
somehow I don’t think sexual thoughts,
they come later
when I’m alone.

we part with plans
to possibly see each other
at a club Saturday
a mutual friend is making music there
and her boyfriend won’t want to go

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Comments (2)

Most men have been here some time or another. I liked this poem for its honest expose of the way a lot of men think.
The title got me............very interesting poem Jon. I'm sure you've described something many men feel. Sincerely, Mary