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Fatal Confrontation!
(January,1975 / Georgia)

Fatal Confrontation!

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

Her dreams of passion run away
As the night consumes the light of day

She sits by the brook as the water flows
With depression hiding inside of her, nobody knows

She dreams of days brighter,
Times of happiness passed
She remembers burdens lighter
Days before, the evil spell was cast

Now someone has stolen her smile
Left her weary and saddened for a while

She knows not why, of this horrid fate
She wonders if she can reverse it;
Or is it too late.

Slowly she stands, holding on to a tree
As she hears something behind her
She turns to see

Suddenly she falls,
With confusion she is frozen still
As she realizes its the devil
And her soul he did steal

He stands there before her,
Fire shooting from his hands
She kneels crying, searching her mind,
But still she doesn't understand

He walks toward her
And grabs her throat
Then on her own guilt
She begins to choke

Suddenly he pushes her
Over the edge
Down the hill,
Passed the hedge

Into the water,
She fell-
She washed away
Some say, to hell……

Suicide, it was called
The fatal jump, that final fall

But the devil was there,
he was real
And so was the depression
that he made her feel

She would never, on her own,
Have jumped that night
It was the devil
summoned by depression
that put her into flight…….

Her soul is still drifting
along the cliff
over the river some say
Sometimes you can see her
walking around, searching
for her killer,
at the end of a winter's day.

He pushes us all to our limit
every now and then;
but we must not turn around
We must look ahead
and walk away from him.

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