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It's a thin line between love and hate,
Do we put everything down to fate?
I'm torn between love or despair,
I know life is not very fair.

Do i listen to them or my my heart,
Can i bear it if we stay apart.
You don't even want to come back to me,
Your life is now all for her, 'i call she'.
It is ironic, that spells part of my name.

I think love and life is a rotten game,
I laugh and pretend nothings wrong,
How i wish you were back where you belong.
After thirty years we should be together,
Supporting and loving each other.

She takes your love and scars my soul,
All this is going to take it's toll.
When i'm gone and you are truly free,
Please spare a thought for me.

I was the one who forgave you all,
Loved you totally, you took my soul.
Goodbye my darling, i wish you well,
Will we meet again, i cannot tell.

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