WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)


Every road is the start of another
Every bend just one more ex lover

Winters are never the same
Global warming is to blame

Love fades, and friendships end
Some are lost forever, some will mend

This life may seem like a dirt road
When you're carrying a dynamite load

The love of a stranger, is stronger than some
The distrust in family members, like bubble without the gum

Illegal are the natural rights
Flying away like a stringless kite

Freedom isn't free when some are dying
A heavy cost when the politicians are lying

Skulls in the mirror of the next door neighbor
Cost of living is high, no one pays for labor

Beauty comes before brain
Lust will drive you insane

This modern age can become a whirlpool
Backstabbing and murder, find the right tool

An axe to grind, a gun to fire
The trusted are the liars

American pride, Iraqi's are the ones we hate
European dynasty, corruption is just fate

Home is where the heart is
But someone left out the bliss

Train whistle calling from afar
An ex boyfriend watching from his car

Suburbia has a wicked undertone
Drug are what the neighbors sow

The darkness around cannot break
The good ones love, and the lies of the fake

The good still shines through
Laughter still breaks the blues

A life between light and dark
Spend your whole life, avoiding the shark

You have to look the devil in the eyes
To overcome all of his lies

Love can be fatal or it can be great
No one can escape their final fate

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