DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)


I was laying a night,
My arms open wide..
Is life as delight,
As to live for pride..

Maybe it wasn't all,
As it was expected to be,
Suddenly I feel so small,
Is it up to the gamblings policy? !

Is fate not a choice!
And if it is, it has been made!
Can you hear my trembling voice? !
You should all be afraid!

Will it thunder, will it rain?
Will it hail, or will it snow?
People say; ' Oh, can you this explain? ! '
No! 'Cause I am lost -also-!

Is it Tuesday, is it Friday?
Is it January or June?
People say; ' Oh, is it like when gamblers play? ! '
Yes! They're playing such a tune!

Gamblers why do you live on luck?
What is it that you seek?
I'll grab you and pain you and throw you in my truck!
And dropp you off at someplace mystique..!

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Failure of a mind in gambling words of've won10
I should've made it longer, maybe I will soon.