CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)

Fate, After A Lost Loved One

A faded hallway, leading to total darkness,
Waiting a painful fate, hoping something less.
The walls covered in blood, my legs slowly weaken,
I can't deny the smell of death, for it slowly came a-creepin'.

Walking down this hallway, and going into darkness,
I find myself cold, and breathless.
Mirrors show nothing of my reflection, backing in fear,
Shattered by broken dreams, nothing is here.

The city falls to the bottomless pit of Hell, into the depths of to who knows where,
Crying and screaming, one one's here to care.
Walking to my fate, which has finally come,
My eyes are bleeding, just kill this nightmare before I'm done!

Make it stop, I'm dying from the fear that's inside,
There's no more running, I have to confide.
No more love, no more anything,
Please, get rid of this terrible sting.

If someone's life is my own fate, this is nothing but hate,
If these castle walls are sealed in tight, take my soul along with my life.
Get rid of the pain that's inside, bring me back into light,
Help me out of death, and bring me back to life.

My heart starts to race, and blood begins to flow,
Help my heart bury, then once more grow.
Don't leave me in the dark, I can't stand it here!

I won't be someone's victim, I won't let this hate take control of me,
I won't let this be my right, I will fight till I can't take it no more.
I won't let this be my control, will I make it through this painful fate? ,
I have no more time, that I can wait.

Bring me out of the darkness, and into the light,
I'm done with denying fear, I'm done with hiding it,
I'm done with all this fucking shit!
I can't take this anymore!

Hell's angels are singing, Hell's bells are ringing,
These lies are stinging, these lies are deseaving.
Broken bottles lie around me, as I lay here on the ground,
I've been overthrown by loneliness, my love will never be found

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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