Happy Rain

Without any thunder storm
But falling drops of wisdom
Bearing its kingdom
More than freedom
So lovely
Blessing earth more clearly

Keep on falling on the good seed’s brain
Without any ruin
Peacifying its genes and air,
Not fighting,
always anew
Even though old ones are few
many are the born ones which are new

Anacondas, fishes severe from dry droughts
Are rescued
A miracle occurred
His Glory
Inside the heart of the strawberry
Waking mermaids from bedrock
Came a joy with more life aids

Trees smiling with great ambition
More growth of new roots’ determination
Their leaves being washed from dust by its morning showers
While beautifying the flowers
the release of hail, from the lizard’s tail,
The mountain are just taking a clean up
But not very fast

More recreation birth of soils
while cooling the volcanoes that boils
“Oh! Smells so good”, says the human’s nose
smelling from the rose
Rocks are polished especially her friend gabbro
While there is a nourishment by drops on the human’s eyebrow
it had evaporation as its kind method to borrow
So that they could shine more than tomorrow
The flowing of river getting started
Running down the bear’s hair
And inhaling cool fresh oxygen air

The watering of the spinach
Thinking it might speak Spanish
How happy are you the rain?

by Ntshima Ramokone

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