Fate Of A Poet

Traipsing through my mind on an exploratory journey,
wishing to neither seek nor find anything of value.

Following existing paths to see where they lead,
wondering what would happen if one strayed too far
in any direction.

Wonder, curiosity, both firing imagination of creativity,
waiting impatiently inside my mind for the great hour of

So long tasting the incessant juice of joy, as words
flow easily onto paper allowing the freedom of this soul
to enhance itself at no one's expense save that of my own.

Thrilling to rhythm of poetry, forming itself continually
within, non-ending pleasure holding images and pictures,
carefully inlaid in musical notes.

Departing from the ways of this world, energetically
searching for clearer paths, making, and prayerfully
keeping alert to the sounds of awakening in my soul.

Touching gently, my heart and emitting a saddened joy,
which only I can listen to and interpret.

Soul's destiny, the fate of a poet, hiding always behind
the words of creative imagination, no longer caring of
the world and it's disharmony.

Dancing lightly away from fires fanned by insincerity,
traveling alone, but never lonely, having found a place
of my very own deep inside.

No longer an idle dream, but a dream of reality, staunchly
united with another world through heaven.

Walking away to the brilliant light always seen, touching
the holiness God has placed inside me.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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